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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What happened to daytime and afterschool courses?  I am currently teaching in our local public school.  Active Solar Development is currently using the studio space for their offices and meeting facility.

2.  Are you still tutoring and consulting?  Yes!  Call or email to schedule.

2.  Will you teach in the studio again?  At this point, anything is possible!  Stay in touch!



  1. What ages do you teach?  All classes are multi-age and include a variety of ages and abilities, typically from grades 1-8.  Course descriptions list suggested ages and/or grades specific to the content.  Create-a-Class options are available for those who are looking for additional opportunities for younger or older students.
  2. How are multiple ages in one class handled?  I believe that academic content is valuable to a range of ages.   There may be times when younger students are asked to stretch their understanding, adding to the building blocks that will become concrete knowledge for them in the future, but I strive to keep the most advanced students challenged. I adapt my curriculum and plans to the group that is seated before me, adding and subtracting as I feel necessary in the moment.
  3. Do I need to reserve a spot, or can I drop in?  Nearly every course is designed for enrolled students who are committed to multi-week classes.  One day workshops also require a reservation so seating and materials can be planned for in advance.  On occasion drop-in classes are scheduled, and they are clearly labeled as such in the calendar or description.  Always feel free to ask about a specific program!
  4. What if a student is absent from a class?  Credit toward another course will be given for the first student absence  only.  I make an effort to update families on missed content or assignments by email.  It is also helpful to receive a phone call, text, or email regarding absence so the class is not waiting for your arrival.
  5. As a parent who stays for class, what is my role?   You are welcome to stay in class (we are a one-room facility).    You may sit with your child, join in on the activities, assist your child as you feel necessary, or bring your own projects to work on (knitting, planning, sorting coupons, reading, writing, etc.).  You are also welcome to investigate anything in the studio that interests you - including my books, materials, "teacher" supplies, etc.  Some of these items are also available to borrow.  And there is always a pot of coffee brewing for your convenience!
  6. Can I bring my younger child(ren)?   Yes.  Please use your best judgment, as you know your child(ren) better than I do.   I can direct you to many activities, games, and books that are specifically geared toward preschool age that you are welcome to use while in the studio.  Young children can be distracting to older children and keeping the attention of my students is my first priority.




  1. Can I pay online to reserve a space in class?  At this time I do not accept payment online, but your space is reserved in good faith via your email or phone call.  Payment is due on the first day of a class. 
  2. Do you take credit cards?  Yes.  I will swipe your card with a PayPal card reader.  You will confirm the amount and sign on my phone.  An email confirmation will be sent noting your charge to Orchard View Education Center.
  3. Who do I write my check to?  Orchard View Education Center
  4. Can I pay only part of the tuition?  Arrangements may be made to pay for one course at a time when multiple classes are taken in one week.  We will work out an arrangement that works for all involved!



ALPHA Binders

  1. What's an ALPHA Binder?  Active Learning Portfolio Holistically Academic.  I ask each student to keep a 3-ring binder for most daytime classes (one inch is appropriate) or a larger binder to hold multiple class material.  Each course has 5 sections, divided by papers, tabs, or section dividers.
  2. Why do we need a binder for each class?  I urge each student to keep an organized account of class materials and schedules.  This creates a starting point for future additions to the subject studied.
  3. Are your assignments required?  Yes and no.  I assign projects and or work in most daytime classes to extend learning and provide an opportunity for each student to apply their knowledge.  You, as the parent, are the teacher - I am the guide.  Ultimately, it is up to you whether an assignment is completed during the week.  We review assignments together, but I do not keep grades or tabs on completed work.




  1. Is there really an orchard?  Yes!  Just outside the back door of the studio is a small stand of old apple and pear trees.  More importantly there is a large orchard of fruit trees and plants (apples, pears, peaches, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and more) just across the street at "My Other Garden", a farm stand that sells all that and more!  In addition, there is an apple orchard diagonally across the street which belongs to Smith's Orchard Bake Shop.
  2. I'd like to drop my child off and get some things done.  Where can I go locally?  Many parents choose to drop-off students for a single class.  Though Galway is central to many towns (Ballston Spa, Glenville, Amsterdam, Scotia, Broadalbin), it is a distance to travel.  I have created a map of local stores and businesses that range from fresh donuts and pies to basics like Post Office and library.




  1. Do you have snow days for poor weather?  On days that Galway Central School is closed, all morning classes will be cancelled.  I will post updates on my facebook page before 9 am regarding any changes or delays.  My own family emergencies or illnesses may also result in a closing or delay.  I will make contact by email (and follow-up by phone to those I do not reach) prior to 9 am and facebook will have the latest details.
  2. Will there be a make-up date?  Any make-up date that is scheduled for a class will be discussed (in person or by group email) with all families.




  1. Are you a "real" teacher?  We are all teachers.  If you have chosen to homeschool, then you are the teacher!  According to New York State I am a "real", certified teacher.  My certifications include elementary education, special education, gifted and talented education as well as school and public librarian.  You may read more on the "About" page
  2. Do you have children?  Yes.  We have 3 school aged children who attend public school.  We are a busy, active family trying to keep all of the pieces together, just like you!
  3. Why don't you homeschool your own children?  At this time we are committed to supporting our small, local school - Joseph Henry Elementary School, Galway.  I support every family in their efforts to find the best education for their children, whether that includes homeschool, public school, private school, or a combination that is right for the needs of their children.  I am also ready to support your decision to transition to another setting if you feel is it appropriate.

Do you have another question?  Chances are high that others wonder the same thing...

Drop me a note and I'll do my best to find you an answer!

Thank you for asking that! We will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!

Have a wonder-filled day!
-Mrs. M
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