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Environmental Impact

Our green efforts...

  • Photovoltaic solar power, designed and installed by Active Solar Development, provides electricity for the entire property.
  • Heat for the studio is regulated by a programmable thermostat and is powered by solar electric.
  • Worms eat our coffee grounds and produce scraps in the vermicompost bin.
  • Light in the bathroom is provided in part by a light tube while the electric lights are switched on and off by a motion sensor and timer.
  • Plates, bowls, mugs, and utensils are washed and re-used limiting our waste of disposables.
  • Paper, plastic, glass, and metal are recycled according to County Waste procedures.
  • Surfaces in the studio are cleaned with water or Simple Green and microfiber cloths, reducing our use of paper towels and toxic cleaners.
  • Clients are encouraged to reduce the use of single-use-disposables such as individually wrapped snacks, juice boxes, etc.
  • Re-usable shopping bags are used exclusively as new items and groceries are purchased for use in the studio.
  • Care is taken to ensure that paper material distributed for course content is organized and archived as reference, and not merely disposed of as waste.