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 Client Testimonials 

"My son loves Mrs. McCleneghen's music class. He loves playing the recorder and loves that can earn beads and ribbons based on the songs he learns."

Mom of a fourth grader

"My two children loved the class they took at Orchard View. Mrs. McCleneghen was great in her interactions with the the students. Her ability to work with different age groups in the same class was inspiring. I liked that the younger students were being exposed to higher educational concepts in a very relaxed manner of instruction. I am pretty particular about who I would have teach my children as I think the process of how they learn is more important than the end result. Mrs. McCleneghen did a great job in making the learning environment fun and educational. The best part for me as a parent, was seeing how much my children enjoyed the class. The laughter and interaction with the other students, and the teacher was great. Mrs. McCleneghen also made the environment very welcoming for the parents to stay and watch the class and was available to answer questions."

Homeschool Mom of two children age 10 and 8, Johnstown, NY

"Mrs. M’s classes are not only intriguing for the young learners but also some of us older.  As a proud parent of three of Mrs. M’s current young learners, I’ll say that I have never visited her classroom without learning something new while there.  Perhaps it was an offer to take a quick look under the miniature microscopes at a new set of swatches, a quick geography lesson on the maps, or being challenged with manipulating the latest mind bending puzzles.  Mrs. M has a unique way of engaging EVERYONE in the learning process…..her classes are not only challenging they are fun….she brings learning into almost every conversation…a true professional educator…."

Homeschool Dad of 3, Ballston Spa, NY


"We've always looked for ways to enrich our kids' educational experience, more so now that budget woes have created such problems in time management in school.  We watch the wonderful teachers struggle to meet state educational requirements for those with special needs and still find some energy and time to spend with the kids who need something extra.  Art has been cut to half the year, and there is currently no STEM teacher.  My husband and I both work, so there is no option for homeschooling.


We found the most amazing answer to this dilemma when Kat McCleneghen opened Orchard View Education Center.  Our family attends After the Bell, and we participate in almost every Artist Trading Cards event.  The studio is truly beyond the proverbial looking glass for lifetime learners.  When I drop my children off, I often wish I could just stay. Mrs. McCleneghen has immense patience and infinite creativity.  Her philosophy of teaching through play has opened our kids' minds to whole new areas.  For example, making electrical circuits and experiments in "leaf chromatography" have been among our kids' favorite experiences.  The other day, parents watched an impromptu musical production put together during a session of After the Bell. There is something to suit any child's interests!  We are so very fortunate to have Mrs. McCleneghen right here in our community."

Stephanie and Keith Payton
Mom/Dad of a 4th grade boy and a 2nd grade girl, both attending Joseph Henry Elementary School in Galway, NY

"My kids love it here!"

Dad who loves OVEC